March 3, 2024

Neptune’s Window

Aries Dade is a teenage medium who has the ability to speak to the afterworld. But for some reason she can’t communicate with her recently deceased mother. With the help of a few spirits, she tries to discover the truth behind her mother’s death. But can she trust the spirits?

First Glance

AVAILABLE NOW!!! First Glance is the first novel in the Neptune Window’s trilogy. 

Aries and her father move to Newport Beach, California to start over. Little do they know they are unlocking a world of lies, betrayals, and deception. And everyone they come in contact with is somehow intertwined with her mother’s death. 

When the star quarterback and a bad-boy senior vie for her attention, Aries senses something isn’t right. Meanwhile the rich, popular girls make her life a living hell to keep her from finding out the truth. 

Deep Stare


Deep Stare is the second novel in the Neptune Window’s trilogy. 

Caught up in the lies, illusions, and mystery of Newport Beach, teenage medium Aries Dade delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. Still unable to communicate with her mother, she relies on the aid of several spirits, discovering the identities of two of them, and how they relate to her.

As the second novel in the Neptune’s Window trilogy, Deep Stare thrusts Aries further into the scandal of Newport Beach High School, where everyone has their own secret, including the death of the school’s most popular and beloved friend. But Aries has a secret of her own. She can communicate with their dead friend.

Are you ready to take a deep stare into Neptune’s Window?




Shattered is the third novel in the Neptune Window’s trilogy. 

The wait is over.

Shattered, the third novel in the Neptune’s Window trilogy, shatters all the illusions, tears down the façade, and exposes the secrets, lies, and betrayals of Newport Beach.

          Teen medium Aries Dade relies on the spirits to help her unravel the mystery behind her most fervent desire: learning the truth behind her mother’s death. Will finally knowing the truth help Aries communicate with her mother and give her the peace she so desperately craves? 

            Meanwhile, the identities of Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising are in danger of collapsing. If they’re unmasked, the revelation of the person behind the death of their beloved friend will send shockwaves throughout the community.

            Are you ready to shatter Neptune’s Window and discover the truth…?

Neptune’s Window Cast

Abby Douglas: Grade school, Cory’s little sister

Aries Dade: Sophomore, Protagonist

Brandon Young: Junior, Cory’s friend, football player

Camden Price: Politician, Businessman, Madeline’s husband, Peyton’s father

Coach Anderson: Head football coach

Cory Douglas: Junior, Starting Quarterback

Damon LeMoore: Senior, Bad-boy, The Judge’s son

Daniel Aguilar: Junior, Cory’s friend, football player

Derek Bradley (AKA DB): College, Paige’s brother, Tom’s son

Elizabeth Dade: Deceased, Aries’s mother

Glen Murphey: Attorney

Gwen Douglas: Cory’s mother, Mr. Douglas’s ex-wife

Hank: Gallery Patron

James LeMoore: The Judge, Damon’s father, Camden’s business partner

Jamie Adler: Junior, Dated Brandon and Troy, Michelle’s cousin

John Coleman: Attorney, Jake’s father

Kaelani Kelly: Senior, Cheerleader, Poppy’s best friend

Kaylie Bradley: Freshman, Little sister to DB and Paige, Tom’s daughter

Kimberly Lewis: Hairstylist, Ryan’s girlfriend

Madeline Price: Gallery Owner, Camden’s wife, Peyton’s mother

Marisol: Piper’s house keeper

Michael Richardson: Sophomore, Skater, Cory’s and Piper’s best friend

Michelle: Freshman, Jamie’s cousin, Kaylie’s best friend

Miss Townsend: Health teacher

Mr. Douglas: Attorney, Cory’s father

Mr. Gutierrez: Spanish teacher

Mr. McCready: History teacher

Paige Bradley: Sophomore, P-pack, Sister to DB and Kaylie, Tom’s daughter

Peyton Price: Junior, P-pack, Camden and Madeline’s daughter

Piper Zacora: Sophomore, P-pack, Rock star, Robby Zacora’s daughter

Poppy Davenport: Senior, P-pack, Tennis player, Kaelani’s best friend

Robby Zacora: Rock star, Guitar player for the band IDK, Piper’s father

Ryan Dade: Construction worker, Aries’s father

Tom Bradley: Camden’s business partner, father to DB, Paige, and Kaylie

Troy Perry: Senior, Surfer

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